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When you’re away from your office or home, but need a quiet and private space to get some work done, or a place to relax and recharge before your next appointment, a new service could help you find a comfortable and well-equipped spot to grab some peace and quiet.

If you need a temporary space in the city to be more productive during your day, or to hold a meeting in, or even to catch a quick nap and charge your phone and laptop, but a coffee shop is too crowded, too noisy, or too public of a place, there’s an app that can give you access to peace and quiet, on demand.

Breather offers clean and functional, even beautiful, spaces for rent for as little as half an hour or as long as an entire day, all from the convenience of their mobile app (orweb interface). Users can reserve a Breather room right from the app, pay for it with a click, and then use their smartphone to unlock the space at their reserved time.

“Breather is for your time between meetings. It’s a space that’s just for you. We’re there if you need to impress a prospect, show a client a presentation, or just have some productive work time on your own.

In essence, Breather is for people who want to work or relax in private. Our spaces are more comfortable than a hotel lobby or coffee shop. You can even use them to take a nap. Whether you need a few minutes for a phone call or an afternoon for a time-out, Breather gives you the peace and quiet you need.” – Breather

The spaces include fast free Wi-Fi, comfortable seating and atmosphere, plenty of plugs for powering your gear, a charging dock for your smartphone, and a desk and couch for working (or sleeping). The spaces are currently available in New York City andMontreal, but will soon also be in San Francisco and other cities.

The free Breather app is currently only for iOS, but an Android version is coming soon, and the service offers a free hour to new users, so there’s no risk to get started.

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